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SF 5 XFIT Full Finger Workout Gloves



Spinto-5 XFIT Full Finger Gloves:

Spinto’s  gloves are designed specially for sports lovers, stretchable cloth between fingers makes every finger movements freely.
Have many Silicone granule on the palm increases comfort and grip, reduces hand discomfort and calluses
Spinto’s gloves are sticking of the hands of the comfort and the safety of the slippery combination of both short and long distance you ride a good helper.
Silicone granule (on the palm) increases comfort and grip and also reduces hand discomfort and calluses.
The gloves made by Lycra and Microfiber Fabric is very breathable and quick-drying.
Specially designed to provide comfortable compression and support.
  • Black Silicone Web Grip on Palm
  • Synthetic leather palm adds durability and comfortable
  • Silicon printing on the palm enhances grip, anti slip and abrasion resistant function
  • Custom fit elastic cuff
  • Neoprene Wrist Closure

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