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SF 51 Weight Lifting Gloves for Men’s



Spinto-51 Men’s Weight Lifting gloves With Wrist Supports:

Spinto’s weight lifting gloves improve your grip on weights. Hands get sweaty during a workout. Your hands can slip. This can be annoying if you are doing pull ups and keep falling off the bar. It is also dangerous if you are holding heavy weights over your body. Spinto’s weight lifting gloves make workouts safer.

Spinto long strap weight lifting gloves also wrap around your wrists. This provides valuable support for the wrists while they support heavy weights.

The material of the glove acts like extra ligaments and tendons while the wrist is bent backward. Spinto’s weight lifting gloves help prevent wrist injuries in the gym.

  • 18’’ Long wrist straps
  • Foam and rubber palm
  • Synthetic Leather on Back and Thumbs
  • Available in   Blue / Red
  • Size:  S. M. L. XL

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