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SF 78 Squat Barbell Pad


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Spinto’s Neck Pad for Squats are a professional quality product, and help to evenly distribute weight, across your shoulders and back, and are manufactured from durable rubber foam, for a high density squat neck pad, that won’t easily flatten or harden as with other cheaper squat sponge pads. With a non slip finish, our Barbell Pad for Squats are perfect for reducing impacts, and can be used for squats, lunges and thrusts and many more! Spinto’s  Squat bar Pad is a professional quality product, with a number of key benefits.


  • Reduce the pressure on your back and shoulders when performing heavy squat sets.
  • High density rubber foam barbell padding which easily absorbs impacts.
  • Convenient slip on design, suitable for use with virtually all barbells.
  • Won’t harden or flatten as with cheaper squat pads.
  • Lightweight and compact, perfect for carrying in gym bags.
  • 16″ long, 3.5″ diameter, 1.5 thick
  • Adjustable One Size For All

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