Spinto-81 Power Lifting Belt

Spinto-81 Power Lifting Belt

Spinto-81 Power Lifting Belt

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Spinto-81 Power belt:


Spinto  Powerlifting Belt is ideal for back exercises Squats, Heavy Presses etc who is looking for a strong economical version of the leather power lifting belt.These belts have a 10cm width which is the ideal size to avoid cutting into the hip/ rib area and 10mls thick. Constructed of triple layers: Outer : Faux Suede (synthetic suede) Middle Layer : Thick Cow Hide Inner : Thick Cow Hide



·     4” Inches Professional Belt

·     10mm thick suede leather throughout the belt

·      Stitched reinforcement with heavy duty rivets and buckle

·      Contoured construction for the ultimate in fit and comfort

·      This fixes the oil in the leather, making it soft and durable for serious lifters

·      Double prong stainless steel buckle

·     Spinto Power Lifting Belt is ideal for power lifting, bodybuilding or general back support.

·     Less flexible and greater stiffness

·     Available in  S, M, L, XL

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