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spinto-15 Spider Lifting Grips

UPC 0646341998516


 Spinto-15 Spider Lifting Grips:

Improve your grip with Spider Lifting Grips. These Grips are not only light and easy to use but they also protect your palm and the tendons within your fingers from the potential damage which gripping and lifting weights can cause. By sliding your hand through the wrist strap you can then bend or fold the grip into whatever shape you need thanks to the flexible but incredibly durable synthetic plastic mould.

Spider Lifting Grips are molded to the natural shape of the hand with extra wrist support added to avoid injury from excess pressure. This is why Spider Lifting Grips are the number 1 choice for athletes and fitness professionals. One size fits all as the mould's size can be folded around any weight or hand size. Spider Lifting Grips come in a pair of two individual grips and are available in Black Color.



·         Neoprene stretch padding for improved grip.

·         Nylon strap and steel buckle.

·         Easy to Use straps on wrist and go.

·         Greater palm protection than Conventional Gloves.

·         Naturally Molded to Shape of Hand and Bar.

·         Padded Material to prevent calluses.

·         Made from Tough Black synthetic rubber.

·         One Size Fits All!


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