Spinto-60 Women Weightlifting Gloves

Spinto-60 Padded & Non Slip Gloves


Spinto-60 Women workout gloves:

Spinto’s  women  workout gloves are designed to protect your hands while allowing completely free movement. The entire body of the glove is designed to breathe so sweat can evaporate and your hands won't overheat. Built from Amara Leather synthetic padding, these.Ideally-positioned padding on the palm protects your whole grip, no matter if you are using free weights, machines, kettle bells or cross-training like Cross fit. Maximum protection and comfort designed just for ladies.


  • Designed specifically to fit women's hands
  • All-Purpose gloves for weight lifting, Crossfit & general workouts
  • Fully Breathable to allow sweat to evaporate and hands stay dry
  • Unique Amara Leather and elastic mesh construction
  • No-Slip Grip and Synthetic Padding on all contact areas of palm

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