Elbow & Knee Supports

spinto-107 Knee Sleeve 7mm

Spinto-107 Knee Sleeve 7mm


Spinto-107 Knee sleeves 7mm: 

Spinto’s  latest development  Knee Sleeves. Constructed from the highest competition grade 7mm neoprene - our sleeves provide unrivaled stability, compression & support around the knee joint.
Our sleeves generate warmth, keep the joint lubricated and increase blood flow to the area. Suitable for all athletes, from casual gym-goers to professional powerlifters, strongmen and bodybuilders. We firmly believe these sleeves are the best around the world. 


  • Medical grade 7mm stiff neoprene 
  • Keep joints lubricated and warm
  • Increase blood flow to the knee
  • Premium packaging
  • Suitable for both male and females
  • Perfect for Bodybuilding, Weightlifting or Powerlifting
  • Therapeutic warmth and uniform compression to muscles and joints
  • Fitted ergonomic design for added stability without restricting circulation
  • Power mesh for extra ventilation and breathability
  • Anti  bacterial and odour resistant
  • Sold as a pair

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